Combat Sports in Africa

Mr. Johannes Daxbacher and Judo sports development in Ethiopia.

December 13, 2021 Garmamie Season 1 Episode 2
Combat Sports in Africa
Mr. Johannes Daxbacher and Judo sports development in Ethiopia.
Show Notes

Mr. Johannes Daxbacher is an active member of the IJF Military and Police commission. He's a  police commissioner in the Bavarian Police (in Germany) and a Judoka who has been actively involved in the development of Judo in Ethiopia


  1. Please give us a summary of your Judo career (from competitor to coach) and overall involvement in the sport of Judo? 
  2. How and why did you get involved in martial arts sports development in Ethiopia? 
  3. Initially, what did you think of this initiative, and what were your goals and objectives?   
  4. What was your approach in coaching Judo in Ethiopia? What were some of the challenges and some of the opportunities? 
  5. What key characteristics do you think a Judo community must have to produce high performing Judo competitors? 
  6. What's your opinion on the current state Judo in Ethiopia? 
  7. In addition to having coached Judo players in Ethiopia, where else in the world has Judo sent you (for teaching and furthering the sport)? 
    • Follow up question: What do these interesting experiences mean to you personally and professionally? 
  8. Germany is very strong at international competitive Judo. Can you give us an overview of how (competitive) Judo is managed and organized in Germany? 
    • Follow up question:  What are the key transferable best practices from the "German model", that could be applied to a country like Ethiopia?
    • Is Judo sports development in countries like Ethiopia and elsewhere important to the IJF? If so, tell us why? 
  9. How should one measure success when it comes to sports development in Ethiopia? 
  10. Can you tell us some of the major milestones and achievements you and your team have been able to achieve, on and off the tatami? From Ethiopian athletes competing internationally and winning to major institutional sports development wins?
  11. Five years from now, where do you see the state of Judo and Jiujitsu in Ethiopia?
  12.  It's been quite the journey for you and your supporters, what inspires you to keep going and supporting the development of Judo in Ethiopia? 

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